Prolific Researcher Playbook by Bianca Pereira

Everyone can be a researcher. Weekly tips on how to beat perfectionism, manage your knowledge, and create your original contribution.

“Yes, you can”

How many people doubt we can be who we want to be?

They say we can’t because of our sex or skin color. They say we can’t because we’re either too big or too small, too fat or too thin, too beautiful or too ugly, too smart or too dumb. They say we can’t achieve much, and when they run out of excuses, they simply say: “you weren’t cut out for that.”

And yet, you know you can.

You have the motivation, the energy, and the readiness to work hard and make it happen. You have the capacity and the will.

All you need is someone who believes in you and provides you support to figure out the “how.”

Let’s work together and prove that: Yes, you can.

I help lifelong learners become independent thinkers through the development of personal systems to support learning, thinking, and writing.

When we work together, we start by identifying which type of thinking you want to support:

  • Experiential thinking
  • Critical thinking
  • Creative thinking
  • Actionable thinking

Then, we investigate:

  1. the mindsets that may be blocking your thinking so we can work on their counterparts,
  2. the methods that put your intended mindset into practice, and
  3. the tools (digital or analogue) that best suit your particular needs.

Let's climb your Personal Pyramid together.